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Document Management

A big part of a plan administrator's job involves gathering, reviewing, entering, and archiving participant documents like claims and status changes. In addition to the time required to initially process the documents your quality of service depends largely on how quickly you can access them at any point in time.

PowerFlex's Document Management can revolutionize your document processing and archiving procedures. Eliminate paper copies. Store critical documents electronically. Access it all with a click of your mouse. PowerFlex Document Management makes it easy.

  • Drop all electronic documents, whether Emails, Faxes, or scanned paper, into one of five customizeable image-inboxes.
  • Efficiently process claims in our dual-viewer Doc Management screen.
    • Combine Images and Emails.
    • Keep a summary page open in one viewer while reviewing detail pages in another.
    • Add claims while viewing the document onscreen.
    • Notate the document to bookmark exactly where the specific receipt is located in the document.
  • View documents onscreen at any time.
    • Open claim related documents with a single click on the Plan Transactions screen. The document may contain the actual receipt, supporting documentation, and related a related email. Documents open up to the exact page that contains the receipt, with the amount highlighted.
    • Documents that are not claim-related are attached to the participant’s record. Timestamps and notes indicate the nature of the attachment.

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