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On-Line Claim Submission

Profitability in the TPA industry is driven by increasing the number of participants per agent without decreasing customer satisfaction. Unique to the industry, PowerFlex specializes in labor saving features like bulk email reporting, employee self service, and automated claim notifications. Add yet another game changer – Online Claims Submission.

With online claims submission everyone comes out ahead:

  • Participants:
    • Easy to use claim entry screen. No need to manually fill out claim forms.
    • Items like family members and categories are available from dropdown lists.
    • Onscreen reminders about grace periods and submission deadlines.
    • Immediate feedback showing that the claim was successfully entered and giving a tracking number.
    • Print a fax cover sheet with all required details.
    • If used in conjunction with the Document Management Module simply scan receipts and upload them to the claim submission screen.
    • Faster turnaround – quicker claim entry means quicker reimbursements.
  • Administrators
    • No claim entry – simply review the claims that were entered by the participant and match them to receipts.
    • For faxed receipts: enter the tracking number to instantly bring up the related claims submission.
    • Use OCS in conjunction with Document Management for a completely onscreen process. Opening up the submission shows the claim details and the related receipts. Simply review and save.

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