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PowerFlex - The Power of Choice!

Looking for a robust, cost-effective solution to administer today’s consumer driven healthcare plan designs? Look no further than PowerFlex!

Designed specifically for TPAs or self-administrating employers, PowerFlex offers a comprehensive line of easy-to-use software solutions for administering employee benefit plans. Our robust windows-based suite allows you to build the customized system you need to efficiently administer the following types of reimbursement spending plans:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA, section 125)
  • Individual Premium Reimbursement Accounts (IPRA, Section 125)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA, section 105)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Transportation & Parking Accounts (section 132)
  • And others

We know that time is money when performing the administration on employee benefits plans, so we pack the system full of feature-rich time and labor saving options like automatic claim status email communications and on-line employee self-service access for plan members. Time-saving reimbursement options include an integrated debit card as well as ACH/Direct Deposit and MICR/LaserChecks. We are one of the first administration system providers to offer paperless options for manual claim processing which include On-line Claim Entry for plan members with the ability for an employee to upload supporting claim documentation right into the system without the need to fax or email it in. Additionally, our Document Management System allows manually submitted claim forms by email, FAX, or US Mail to be processed electronically and stored directly in the employees record for easy retrieval.

Decrease claim processing time and take your administration processes paperless with our On-line Claim Entry and Document Management options! Plan participants can key claim data online reducing the workload on administrators. Receipts and supporting documentation can be uploaded eliminating the need for the member to fax or email them in. Once receipts have been uploaded, the administrator can view and process them along with the claim data all from within the PowerFlex system. The Document Management module can also be configured to allow processing of manually submitted claim forms and receipts that are received by email, FAX, or US Mail. All claim receipts and documentation processed using the Document Management option is stored in the employee’s record for easy retrieval.

PowerFlex makes navigating the complexity of benefit plan administration a breeze with our easy to use software suite packed full of functionality enhancements designed to save you dramatically on time, labor, material, postage and other costs!

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