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PowerFlex Software for TPAs

As a flexible benefits TPA you need the right tools to remain competitive. The key to profitability is delivering quality service while keeping overhead to a minimum. Using inferior benefits administration system software can make that virtually impossible. That is why the PowerFlex for TPAs platform was developed with a keen eye towards achieving administration efficiencies through time and cost saving features that will reduce claim processing time, accelerate reimbursements, and automate your plan member communications and employer group reporting processes.

PowerFlex Software was created with the vision of providing TPAs with a robust administration system that provides everything needed for quick, easy, cost effective administration of today’s consumer driven health plan designs.

Developed from the ground up by benefits experts and CPAs, PowerFlex enables you to streamline your entire benefit plan administration process. From plan and participant setup to contributions tracking to claims adjudication to reimbursement processing to plan member communications and reporting – PowerFlex does it all in one self-contained application. You can efficiently administer a wide array of reimbursement benefit plans including:

  • Medical and Dependent Care Expense (FSAs)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Individual Premium Reimbursement Accounts (PRAs)
  • Commuter Transit and Parking Plans
  • and many more . . .

PowerFlex is a modular system that lets you build the administration solution that meets your particular plan designs and business mix. You can architect the system that’s right for you without spending money on functionality you don’t need.

  • The Core Benefits Administration module is the primary building block of our solution, and provides everything you need to fully administer and reimburse your flexible benefit plans.
  • For more complex plans, the Advanced Plans HRA module allows you to create custom plan designs with multiple deductibles, coverage tiers, and service categories.
  • Enhance your core system elements with the time and cost saving options of Debit Cards, Web-based Employee Self-Service and On-line Claim Submission.
  • Go green with our Document Management module which eliminates the mounds of paper associated with claim processing and converts your administration into a total paperless solution.

When it comes to building the administration system you need to effectively your employer sponsored benefits plan in-house, you can count on PowerFlex!

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