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PowerFlex ESS

Helping your employees help themselves.

Whether you choose PowerFlex Software or PowerFlex TPA, you can now offer your flexible spending account plan participants the option of online self service. PowerFlex ESS gives plan participants the ability to review their accounts on-line at their leisure, which helps increase participant satisfaction and reduce and/or eliminate routine administrative questions.
PowerFlex ESS - Flexible Spending Accounts with Employee Self-Service.

PowerFlex ESS allows plan participants to view:
  • Contact information
  • Plan balances and election amounts
  • Plan transactions including claim submissions and payroll deductions
  • Claim disbursements including checks, direct deposits, and debit card transactions
  • The Employee Self Service website can be fully customized with company logos and links to other important company information, creating a professional, polished product that reflects favorably on your HR and Benefits departments.
In an upcoming release, on-line claims submission and online open enrollment will be available. Plan participants will have the capability to submit claims on-line through a secure website. These claims remain in the system as “pending” and can then be reviewed for approval or denied by the FSA administrator. This paperless process greatly reduces administrative costs and improves processing time by eliminating manual data entry of claims.

Additionally, on-line open enrollment will allow plan participants to review their FSA plan options and make elections for the upcoming year - significantly reducing the amount of time and administrative costs required to set up the plan each year.

Click here to sign up for a web demo featuring PowerFlex ESS - employee self-service.

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